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NFL draft wrap-up

Posted in Uncategorized by rogerpowell on April 27, 2010

Well after months of anticipation, the NFL draft is over. The Chiefs have made their selections, and I can say that I went through a mixture of emotions. But in the end I think they had a good draft.

The more I read and hear about Eric Berry, the Chiefs first round selection, the more that I get excited (despite my speculations on him at first). Mel Kiper Jr. compared him to Ronnie Lott, long-time safety for the 49ers. I personally think that Ronnie Lott could have been the best safety of all time, and they are comparing Berry to him! I think he will be that type of player for us, and will give the defense the play-making abilities that we need.

When I watched the second round in my room, I threw my chiefs hat I was wearing on the ground. I couldn’t believe that the Chiefs selected Dexter McCluster with their first pick of the second round! I thought McCluster was a good talent to be taken in the third round. I didn’t feel as though he was a second round talent!I also didn’t agree right away with Javier Arenas cornerback from Alabama, which is who the Chiefs took with their second pick in the second round. I thought he was only going to be a nickel back his first couple of years in the league!

But I calmed down and thought maybe the third round would be better and it was. The Chiefs got Jon Asamoah a great guard prospect who experts are saying will be great. They also drafted tight end Tony Moeaki from Iowa, who if he can fight through the injuries he sustained in college can contribute right away and for a long time for the Chiefs.

I also read an article on arrowhead addict that put this draft into perspective for me and made me realize that it was a good draft. With the addition of McCluster to the chiefs offensive, he presents nightmare matchups. He is fast, and probably will play in the slot. He can also play running back if needed and return kicks. He gives Cassell another option besides Dwayne Bowe to throw to. Along with an improved offensive line and two good running backs in Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles, the offense looks like it can put some points on the board.

( Dexter McCluste,r Picture courtesy of http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/pt/photos/2009/01/090102_NS_2mcclusterRUNgm.jpg)

The article points out too that Javier Arenas might just be a nickelback, but in the pass-happy league that the NFL has turned into, nickelbacks are on the field 60% of the time! A fact that I had no clue about until I read this article on arrowhead addict. So we drafted a player that will play significantly right off the bat.

( Jon Asamoah, Picture courtesy of http://alioneye.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/rh-2381225.jpeg)

The article concludes by saying that Moeki provides that immediate receiving threat if he stays healthy, but Jon Asamoah in the third round could help immediately too. If Asamoah comes in and does well right away, the Chiefs could plug him into guard and put pro-bowl left guard Brian Waters at center where he started out his NFL career. This would probably make for a better starting o-line than with the aging Casey Weigmann at center.

So despite all my intial woes at the conclusion of the draft through reading this article I was better able to assess it, and I changed my mind a lot. I don’t know if Brian Waters will be good at center, but I think that he could excel there. I like what the Chiefs are doing and I think they can make some noise in 2010.


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